Why Us

Being a leading accounting firm in London we love to be a contribution to every client goals. Each individual or company comes to us with an aim . We assess their past, their presents circumstances and their future projects. We support them and give them tool to achieve their goal and objectives. There is nothing more rewarding.

Our Expertise

"We never forget that it is the client that is at the centre of our practice. We believe that no query is too straight forward, no issue is too complex. "

Luxury and fashion industry

UK industry is utterly unique, well-known for cutting-edge and innovative designs. It is a very competitive industry.

We know that creativity always comes first for our client and accounting and tax is always left for later. That is why we facilitate the process for you and make it easier.

We also offer a production cycle within the fashion industry, including forecasting, budgeting and ongoing management information.

Accounting firm London
pharmaceutical industry audits

Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is an important player within the United Kingdom. In 2017, the annual turnover of pharmaceutical goods wholesalers in the UK was over 42 billion British pounds, while the gross revenue from the retail sales of pharmaceutical products amounted to almost five billion British pounds in 2015 (source:

Thakur-Chabert Limited has adviced clients in the Pharmaceutical industry for many years.

Hospitality industry: hotels and restaurants

With more than 88 000 restaurants and mobile food in the UK (2018 source:, at Thakur- Chabert Limited, we are proud to be the accountant that advises and supports the restaurant owner to understand HMRC requirement for tax, payroll.

Accounting firm London
Accounting firm London


Cécile Chabert has been volunteering since young age for different charity event and has for example volunteer in a mother Teresa Centre in Kolkata (India).

This work has been carried on by advising and supporting charity and Trust with their accounts and limited review.

French Desk

Nous travaillons étroitement avec nos clients pour leur proposer un service sur mesure et adapté: nous progressons ensemble.
Nous pouvons vous assister et vous conseiller dans le domaine de la:
• Création d’entreprise et inscription aux impôts
• Comptabilité et back office
• Social
• Fiscalité

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