Questions to ask before hiring accountants in London

Questions to ask before hiring accountants in London

Whether looking at changing your tax accountant or you are hiring one for the first time, choosing the right one is essential for any sole trader, business owner, limited company or freelancer. From legal high street accountants to online firms, there are enough accountants in London to choose from and so you must ask the right questions.

Here are five questions to ask when you are searching out for accountants in London. 

Can you help me in saving money?

A good accountant assures that your business never neglects a deadline. A good accountant will assure you are tax-efficient and saving on money as well.

How accessible will my accountant(s) be?

It’s fine to ask out that your accountant will be available whenever you need them.

Online accountant in London can convey ideas and talk by email, phone and face-to-face meetings.

And at times maybe your accountant is out on holiday or regarding something else. It’s worth inquiring about what happens in those situations too.

Are the accountant(s) you work with equipped and qualified?

In any accountancy firm, there are a variety of individuals within the workforce, varying from learners to senior members of the staff. Whoever you are picking up with, must be completely qualified for the job they are doing and are supervised by the right people.

The point to note is that don’t be scared to ask this question or any questions for fear of offending the other person you are talking to. It is essential information that you are allowed to know. You would not believe a surgeon with his job if he is not qualified, so deal with your accountants with the same caution.

Which accounting software do you use?

This information is beneficial for earning some insight into how accountants in London work. Understanding a little bit more about their working method will help you to have a better knowledge of how they will deal with your accounts. It will allow you to communicate more along the line. If you are changing from another accountant, this information may be more essential to understand for the changeover.

How will you make certain that I never miss a deadline?

When everything is explained and done, you are hiring an accountant in London and paying out on a third-party service just because you want to make sure your business accounting is done perfectly.

Asking out this question will enable you to analyse just how productive a forthcoming accountant is going to be. You need their assistance in making certain your business is running tax-efficiently, your account records are up to date and that you never skip a deadline.

Remember it will be you who has to pay the fine if a deadline is missed, so be a little hawkeye while asking these questions.


As the famous saying goes, ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get. At times all it takes is one inquisitive discussion to find out what all they can offer you in the success of your business.