Are you looking for a chartered tax advisor in London?

Are you looking for a chartered tax advisor in London?

Are you looking for a tax advisor in London? If yes you must read this article.

The term “tax advisor” is a broad one, and it can mean a variety of different things depending on the context. In this post, we will explore who tax advisors are, what they do, and how you may be able to find one.

In general, tax advisors help people with their taxes by analyzing their financial situation and giving you advice on how to save money. They may also calculate the amount of money you owe in taxes or offer advice about investment strategies. Tax experts can be anyone from certified public accountants (CPAs) to certified financial planners (CFPs) to lawyers specializing in taxation law.

Tax advisors in need of a running business

While tax advisors do not have a standard educational background, because the field covers so many different topics, most have at least a bachelor’s degree. Some also receive continuing education from credible institutions to stay current on new developments in their field. They may also receive certifications as CPAs, CFPs, or lawyers specializing in tax law from respected organizations such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). 

However, these designations do not make someone a tax advisor; they simply indicate that the individual has met a certain level of education and training to qualify for those certifications. Many people hold these designations but do not provide tax advice.

What Does a Tax Advisor Do?

  • Tax advisors provide several different services, depending on their expertise and who they are working for.
  • If you are an individual customer, the tax advisor you hire may be able to do all or most of the following:
  • Analyze your income statement and balance sheet to properly categorize your transactions in the correct areas.
  • Find deductions that can reduce your tax liability.
  • Give you advice about how to optimize your investment strategies for tax efficiency.
  • Recommend certain strategies to reduce your taxable income or calculate tax liabilities based on current laws. This could include selling profitable investments in single unit taxable accounts versus selling them in retirement accounts, buying silver coins versus a paper currency, etc.
  • Guide you in the process of completing your tax return.
  • File forms on your behalf with the IRS or other tax authorities. In many cases, CPAs and lawyers who specialize in taxation law can prepare and file your tax return for you as a service. They can also represent you if an audit is being done on your account by the IRS. But most experienced tax advisors will only do this if they have a good relationship with you. Some financial planners or business managers may not feel comfortable with this level of involvement but may be able to help you find a competent CPA who will represent you.


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