Why You Need a Real Estate Accountant

Why You Need a Real Estate Accountant

Real Estate Accounting experts assist real estate investors to structure their investments and operations in a tax-efficient way. An accountant will help you comply with the tax laws, which are more complex for real estate investors than for other business people.

A qualified accountant will also find opportunities to reduce taxation of your investment property income by applying the right structure to avoid unintended consequences. Professionals have an in-depth understanding of how taxes work on all types of investments and can review all aspects of your financial transactions to ensure compliance.

Why do you need a real estate accountant?

An accountant can help you keep track of your property investments by preparing a property register. This structured approach to recording property details enables the effective tracking of all property information so that you can check on any existing properties, look for available properties and do market research.

A qualified accountant can help you manage your income from property investments by setting up the right structure and finding ways to reduce taxation. Certified public accountants (CPAs) specialize in accounting and tax matters, ensuring your investment property is taxed effectively and efficiently. They have extensive experience in addressing issues related to taxation on a range of property investments and helping clients to minimize liability.

Ultimately what matters is expertise

Real Estate Accountants’ experience also enables them to give you sound advice about how best to invest your money so that it maximizes your income potential through increased rental yields, increased house prices, or higher selling prices when the time comes for you to sell.

If you are holding investment properties, you will likely be using some sort of financial structure to hold these properties. This could be a trust, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, or unit trust. It could also be a portfolio of single-owner entities or any other structure. For example, if you are the principal shareholder in an LLC with other minority investors, you might need an accountant to set up the limited liability company and prepare the necessary operational documentation. If your limited liability company has property investments, for example, an accountant may be able to help with the necessary tax planning for this specific property type.

A Real Estate Accountant helps you with Tax Planning

Tax planning is also a major consideration for your personal and business tax returns. You may need an accountant to help you with any tax planning that you intend to do on your personal or business return. This could include restructuring existing tax deductions, such as making additional charitable donations or using strategies such as buying life insurance or setting up a trust.


When you start looking for an accountant in London, be aware that some accountants will promise to set up new structures and structure them in a way that will benefit you financially at the expense of the government; others will give unbiased advice on these issues and can give you straightforward and useful advice. And to keep your search short, meet Thakur Chabert, it is a chartered certified accountant and auditor firm in London and we will help you with everything related to real estate accounting.